Ultima 6 Minecraft Conversion

Produced by: Ian Albert
Website: Ultima 6 Minecraft Conversion @ Ian-Albert.com

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A total conversion for the block-based adventure game/creativity platform Minecraft, this mod painstakingly re-creates the world of Ultima 6: The False Prophet within the game. The entirety of the overworld, and all of the dungeons (including the Gargoyle Realm) are included.

It’s worth noting that this map is the result of an automated conversion; Mr. Albert wrote a Java program that took the data from the original Ultima 6 map files and converted it into a blocky 3D world within Minecraft. The conversion is nearly perfect, apart from a few small edits made to get around specific issues with the Minecraft engine. (For example, two trees near Nicodemus’s house had to be deleted because they were catching fire and burning down half of Britannia.) He also had to make some lengthy connective corridors in order to properly link together those dungeons that cross-connect in the original game.

Even so…it’s an awesome effort.

Ian Albert has dedicated this project to Codex Dragon, known to mere mortals as Felicia Day. The module requires Minecraft (and not the free Classic version) to play.

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