The Ultima 6 Remake

Produced by: agentorangeguy, Zygon Dragon, Crowley
Website: Ultima VI Remake @ Realm of Ultima
Forum: pics of my u6 mod @ the Exult Forums

A mod for Exult that attempts to recreate Ultima 6 using the Ultima 7 engine.

A goodly portion of the mainland has been mapped out (apart from small and sundry details), and things like NPC schedules are working (although not fully usecoded as yet). A number of NPC conversations have been implemented, and some of the quests in the game have also been implemented.

agentorangeguy plans to make the game a tad more linear than the original, and plans to use Ultima 7’s more advanced scripting in order to ensure that experienced players can’t just skip ahead by e.g. freeing shrines without first learning the mantras, or digging for Hawkins’ treasure without first finding all the pieces of the map. He also plans to add one or two additional recruitable NPCs to the game, and might even have a go at implementing a side quest which would let the player solve Quenton’s murder. He also plans to flesh out the presence of the gargoyles in Britannia and enhance the presence of the Royal Guard in hot and/or strategic locations, to give the game a more proper sense of a land at war.

Zygon Dragon has signed on with the project as well, providing it a better home on the Internet than MySpace, and assisting with NPC conversations. Crowley has signed on as well, to help out with the various pieces of pixel art necessary for the mod. At present, no downloads have been released for the mod.

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