The Nitpicker’s Delight Patch

Produced by: Sir John
Website: English Patch: “Nitpicker’s Delight”

Ultima 6 Nitpicker’s Delight Patch

Modified book, map, and conversation files for Ultima 6 that address some of the well-known nitpicks about the game. Plus, it allows you to finally solve Quenton’s murder.

Sir John’s other Ultima 6 patch, this one an English-language patch that makes a number of corrections to the dialogue, books, and map of Ultima 6. These changes are based on several of the well-known nitpicks about the game, and serve to enhance Ultima 6’s consistency with the stories and lore of its predecessors.

To apply the patch, use the files in the download to replace the corresponding files in your Ultima 6 install directory.

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