Produced by: Eric Fry
Website: Nuvie @ GitHub

Nuvie for Windows (Nightly Snapshot)

The nightly snapshot build of Nuvie for Windows.

Nuvie for Apple OS X (Nightly Snapshot)

The nightly snapshot build of Nuvie for Apple OS X.

Nuvie 0.5 for Windows

Version 0.5 of Nuvie for Windows.

Nuvie 0.5 for OS X

Version 0.5 of Nuvie for Apple OS X.

Nuvie 0.5 Source Code

Source code for version 0.5 of Nuvie.

Nuvie is Eric Fry’s novel remake of the Ultima 6 engine, which he also intends to one day be compatible with both Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. Though currently being developed under Apple OS X, there are downloadable binaries for both Windows and OS X. The program source code is also available, and Linux users will have to compile Nuvie from it.

Although the project website went silent between 2007 and 2011, work continued on Nuvie, as evidenced by the steady stream of code commits taking place in the background. New features were being added all the time — as of early 2011, the project even partially supported the FM-Towns port of the game, with its voiceovers and advanced sound effects. More than that, however, Nuvie also added limited support for the addition of custom sound sets as of that same date.

In April of 2011, just prior to the Easter weekend, Eric Fry announced the release of version 0.1 of Nuvie, the project’s first official release. It has since reached version 0.5, and continues to add new features to enhance the playability of Ultima 6, including roofs for buildings, a full-screen view with gump-based inventory management, and the ability to import customized tilesets to change the appearance of the game.

As of 2014, Ultima 6 can be played through to completion in Nuvie. Support for Martian Dreams is currently being worked on.

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