Cear Dragon’s Gargish Translators

Produced by: Cear Dragon
Website: Ultima Gargoyle Translator @ The Zog Cabal

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These Java applications will translate simple English sentences into their Gargish equivalent. Although the title of the software specifies that it is useful for Ultima Online, fans of Ultima 6 may also find it interesting.

There are three versions of the application. The newest version should be sufficient for most interested users, although some Mac and Linux users may find that the ASCII build will work better for them if issues with non-ASCII characters are being encountered.

The third version is a two-way translator, which only supports ASCII characters. As the name implies, it can translate both from English to Gargish and Gargish to English, although Cear Dragon warns that since single words in Gargish can map to several English words, translation in that direction can “get pretty ugly”.

The source code is also available from The Zog Cabal.

The links to the Zog Cabal are unfortunately dead, but the files can still be downloaded from this page.

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