Britannia Online

Produced by: gulbsoft
Website: gulbsoft’s Channel @ YouTube

This is a second online remake of Ultima 6, which is apparently being developed by someone at BioWare (who has since moved on to Ubisoft) in his spare time. Which, in turn, is really cool.

At present, this remake features a full implementation of the game’s day/night cycles, keyword-sensitive dialogue, and limited interactivity with containers and other objects. Powder kegs work, their explosions being handled and rendered by a high-speed particle system, and their ability to destroy nearby doors upon exploding is implemented. This remake also features a custom UI that derives elements from Ultima Online; it boasts a full-featured inventory interface, dragging & dropping of items, and an improved conversation system.

gulbsoft is implementing Britannia Online in C#. At present, he has no definite plans to release it, although that may change in the future.

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